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Michael's Muay Thai Academy

 For best results, training in a one-on-one environment is critical. 
Your Muay Thai trainer will train you in all elements of Thai Boxing, from beginner to professional. You will learn how to defend yourself with fighting techniques that have been honed over centuries of conflict, as a result of warring between the kingdoms of Siam and Burma in South-East Asia. 
Training one-on-one, you will learn nuances and details that a vast majority of practitioners are not aware of, courtesy of training with Michael, who has trained with some of the best Thai boxers in Thailand, and fought against the Thais in their national sport, on their turf. 
If you're serious about your training and getting results, one-on-one training is the answer. 
If this is your first time training with Michael's Muay Thai Academy, book yourself into a free consultation! 
If you're an experienced hand and you've trained with Michael before, book yourself into your preferred training time.