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The modern age is seeing health & fitness trends moving away from bodybuilding, and towards the development of the human body for optimal, functional movement. 
There are 4 primary movement disciplines, and at Michael's Personal Training Academy, I combine these 4 disciplines and tailor them specifically to best suit a client's needs, whether they be weight loss, injury rehabilitation, or sport-specific athlete development. 
If you want to look, feel and move like an athlete, you need to train like one, by training in the 4 ultimate athlete disciplines.
Olympic Weightlifting
Olympic Weightlifting is the pinnacle of human power and speed, demanding extreme fast-twitch muscle response, overall strength, and mobility. It is practised by all elite level athletes who place a premium on power. 
At Michael's Personal Training Academy, you will learn Olympic Weightlifting in a structured, phase-by-phase process. High level Olympic Weightlifting can take years to develop correctly, but a solid grounding in this discipline will change your entire perspective on human movement capabilities. You will be empowered by your body's ability to move through the most demanding movement patterns possible. 
Muay Thai
Muay Thai is widely considered to be the most effective striking martial art in the world. It is also an incredible workout for the whole body, torching 800-1,000 calories in 60mins. There are few exercise regimens that can touch Muay Thai for its overall health benefits, both mental and physical!
At Michael's Muay Thai Academy, you will learn Muay Thai from the ground up, empowering yourself with physical self-defense abilities, and building confidence, character and self-esteem in the process. Group classes and one-on-one training sessions are appropriate for all fitness and ability levels.
Yoga for athletic development has been practised for centuries, and its benefits widely published.  
You will learn yoga movements and poses to best compliment your other training disciplines, based on your unique body structures and demands. In practising yoga, you will increase mobility, range of movement, overall flexibility and endurance, and experience the in-built stress-relief yoga provides. 
Calisthenics are exercises consisting of a variety of gross motor movements, including running, push-ups, pull-ups, jumping, etc. They are all bodyweight movements, and are intended to improve spatial awareness of the body, overall muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and functional movement.
In training bodyweight movements, you will experience high-intensity calorie burning, resulting in an increased metabolic rate, providing you with more energy on a daily basis to live your life to the fullest, and aiding in muscle building and fat burning.
Thank you for coming this far. 
I care about my clients, and I pursue their results and improvements passionately. Training with me, you will experience a scientific approach to your health & fitness, and you will find me to be fair, and understanding of your needs and lifestyle restrictions. I conduct my training in two locations, one being at Jetts Plenty Valley, and one being in my own Personal Training studio, depending on a client's needs and time restraints. 
 I offer highly tailored Personal Training, customized to your goals, and also class options, for a more affordable approach to training in the athlete disciplines.
Yours in good health,
Michael Goodison.

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