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3 Seasons Later and AFLW Still Sucks

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

The sooner AFLW is gone, the better for our great game.

I remember the first time I watched a women's football match in February 2017, during the inaugural AFLW season. I remember being enthralled by the human interest of the story, by the novelty of the spectacle.

That first game I watched finished with a grand total of 6 goals having been kicked.

The story had been interesting, and in that first season, I was entranced by it, but it went without saying that the quality of the football was rubbish. And fair enough, too, these athletes were only playing in their very first year! It was unfair to expect skill levels to be anything better than rudimentary.

Here's the thing, though...

Image credit: The Guardian

The girls have had three seasons.

The human interest factor has disappeared, the novelty is gone, and the football still sucks.

If my opinion isn't grounds enough to have the entire thing quashed, it can be evidenced by the fact that tickets to the games are still being handed out for free, effectively meaning that even now, after giving AFLW every chance to stand on its own merit, the male athletes are effectively subsidising the females.

IF the executives of the AFL feels compelled at this stage to bend to the political winds of the day, and continue to (unfairly) fund the women's league, they could find themselves wondering how deep this rabbit hole can run?

AFLW has proven itself to have been an expensive gambit.

But the fact remains. There are no bums on seats. Local U/12's footy draws bigger crowds and is more compelling to watch. And the final nail in the coffin, if indeed it is necessary when the coffin is already so deeply buried in the ground, is that our first 3 seasons of AFLW have returned a worrying statistic demonstrating that a female athlete playing football is 9x more likely to suffer a catastrophic ACL injury than a male athlete playing football. Not only is nobody watching, but our athletes are suffering horrific injury in the process.

IF AFLW is allowed to continue, it will continue to draw more detractors and negativity, and it will hurt the overall reputation of our great game of Aussie Rules Football.

I'm glad we gave it a go, but 3 seasons is enough.

Time to wrap it up.

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